Meet the owner of Hussaini Collection

Hi there, I'm Diha, the behind the scenes of hussaini collection to make your life easier. I know that being a shia muslim in this day in age can be tough and you can be miss understood. That's where I come in - I'm a reborn shia and here to help you not feel afraid to be shia and be proud to be called shia.

 I can understand how you feel. When i reverted to Shia from Sunni , everyone that was supporting me in day to day life suddenly turned against me, this came as a shock to me as it was a sudden change. I saw that there was always misunderstood knowledge spread about shia to hate them and never saw anyone represent being proud of being shia. So i created Hussaini Collection. This means you can spend less time on hiding your Shia and feel proud even if you are fighting a constant battle Plus, because these products are tailored to raising your iman and putting the love for the ahlulbayt in your heart to increase more and more, it help you focus on your deen and get away from the distractions of this Dunya.

But more than that, you would feel heard and value as not only a Shia muslim but as a pure soul in the eyes on Allah and the ahlulbayt.

So if you're looking for a way to improve your deen and iman and connect with Allah and the ahlulbayt on a deeper level, I'm here to help. Let' start our journey together for a better Akhirah.

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